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FULLCODE is an audio and music team based in Milano and working all over Europe.

We're active in many fields of audio for movies and television from production sound to foley,

from sound editing to surround mixing, from scoring to music production and recording. 






Massimo Mariani
Composer, producer, sound engineer, sound designer with over 25 years of experience in the audio industry. Worked on countless productions in every branch of audio; discography, post-production, music supervising, theatrical mixing.

Teaches audio post and music for media in Milan. 

Awarded with: The Government of Canada Award, Darmstadt Internationale Ferienkurse für Neue Musik and more,

in 2016 the film Spira Mirabilis, featuring his sound design and music, ran for the Golden Lion during the 73. Venice International Competition.

Tommaso Barbaro
Sound editor and sound mixer in cinema working with filmmakers whose productions took part in international film festivals.
While collaborating as tutor with several film schools in Milan, he also works for different advertising companies, from the shooting to the post-production.
10 years of experience as sound technician in television and during satellite movie première broadcasted nationwide in Italy. 
In 2019 the film The disappearance of my mother, featuring his sound editing and mix, ran in World Cinema Documentary Competition at Sundance Film Festival